How to Plan A Travel Trip

You’ve been thinking about taking a holiday for some time now, the only thing stopping you is the thought of planning it! It’s is all too much to think about and you’re not too sure where to begin with the process…we’ll that’s where this guide ‘How to Plan A Travel Trip’ comes in! Start with

Five Christmas Craft Projects You’ll Sleigh

Christmas is a time when almost everyone, especially those who do not normally touch anything creative, get crafty! It’s really quite unavoidable as even wrapping a present is considered a craft in my eyes! (who doesn’t love matching their foil bows to their wrap colour and making sure the wrapping is as precise as an

The Different Types of Pattern Repeat Layouts

This tutorial is all about ‘The Different Types of Pattern Repeat Layouts’ and how you can use them to make your patterns and prints more dynamic. Learning these techniques will also give your graphic motifs a longer life, as they can be re-styled differently. Let’s learn about the different types of pattern layouts (also referred

What is a Seamless Pattern Repeat?

So, you’re wondering…what is a seamless pattern repeat? What does it mean? and What are the basics on how to create a seamless pattern repeat? photo: Cutting yardage fabric at the Dear Diary Design studio   What is a Seamless Pattern Tile? How does it make a Seamless Pattern Repeat?   A seamless pattern repeat

How to Style an Instagram Photoshoot

I love having a free day where I can set-up and style my own instagram mini photoshoot! It’s easy to do one or two a month and allows you to create content for social media that can last a little while. As I just had a mini photoshoot for my new blog, I thought why