What is Textile Design? Who is a Textile Designer?

So you want to know more about Textile Design? What it is all about? Who is a Textile Designer and How do you become qualified to be a Textile Designer? The advice and information below is based on my professional experience as a passionate textile designer, working in the industry for the past eight years

How to Set Creative Goals

A new year, means new goals! Which can be an exciting time but also a daunting time, when it comes to writing down those goals. I’m going to run through a process that I personally follow and is based on my experience over the past few years of setting creative goals for both my design

The Different Types of Pattern Repeat Layouts

This tutorial is all about ‘The Different Types of Pattern Repeat Layouts’ and how you can use them to make your patterns and prints more dynamic. Learning these techniques will also give your graphic motifs a longer life, as they can be re-styled differently. Let’s learn about the different types of pattern layouts (also referred

Life Instyle Melbourne 2017: Trends & Review

One of my favourite trade shows of the year finished up last month in Melbourne and here’s my wrap-up review! Life Instyle Melbourne 2017, brought the usual lovely styling, beautiful products and unique trading experience it always does. What was different this year? Who stood out with new product development and trends? What were the

What is a Seamless Pattern Repeat?

So, you’re wondering…what is a seamless pattern repeat? What does it mean? and What are the basics on how to create a seamless pattern repeat? photo: Cutting yardage fabric at the Dear Diary Design studio   What is a Seamless Pattern Tile? How does it make a Seamless Pattern Repeat?   A seamless pattern repeat

Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair

I couldn’t resist taking a walk down to the Exhibition Centre and having a peak into what’s happening in the quilting world, so here is my wrap-up of Australia’s #1 Craft and Quilt Fair. Very organised yarns, Creative and artistic hobbyists and professionals and lots of drool-worthy quilts and fabrics! THE DETAILS What: Craft &